Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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God wl put an end 2 ur ugliness.His beauty &glory wl swallow it up.An end is coming 2 ur shame &failure.God wl release His blessings 2 u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

No matter how harsh your storm or how deep your grief or trouble, God is in control, and all He asks is that you trustfully wait upon Him. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

When u call 2 d Lord,He wl answer u,&He wl tell u great &mighty things,dat u do not know,but dat wl make u testify 2His goodness in Jesus name(Jer33:3).-PstBayo

Dis month end wl mark d end of ur struggles,frustration,failure,disapointment, &all dat works against u.Be ready 4 a new & better beginning.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

God wl expand u on all sides.He wl make ur lineage dispossess nations.He wl not let u suffer shame nor disgrace.He wl make u forget ur childhood shame.-Pst Bayo

When u get 2 d place God wants u 2 be, u wl know dat He has been making u in2 a vessel He can use, bless, &use 2 bless others. So,allow God 2 shape you.-PstBayo

When d time comes 2 save u, God wl show u favor &answer ur cries for help. He wl guard & protect u, & make u a blessing 2 people around u. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Dis last month, God wl perfect ur concerns &show Himself strong on ur behalf. He wl never fail u nor 4sake u. U wl surely see His goodness. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

As I mark my birthday 2day,u wl move from Glory to Glory.Ur dream wl not die,ur plans wl not fail,& ur heart desires wl be granted in Jesus name.Amen.-Pst Bayo

As dis year is running 2 an end, d Lord wl protect u. He wl save u from all evils. He wl guide & guard u in all ur ways in Jesus name. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Jesus Christ d Reason 4 dis season wl season ur life wt many reasons to praise Him dis season & 4 d rest of ur life.Compliments of d season!-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

As dis year is running 2 an end, d Lord wl consolidate &establish u as in Joshua 14:14-15. U wl also hav peace on every side in Jesus name. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi
Dis year in ur life every valley wl be raised,every hill wl be made low;&d crooked wl be made straight.God’s glory wl be revealed,&everyone wl see it.-Pst Bayo

Dis year, d LORD wl teach you the way you should go; He wl instruct u and advise u in Jesus name (Ps 32:8). Will u follow His direction? - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Ur promotion in life is not by class but by Christ;not from abroad but from Above; not by degree but by decree.U are highly favored in Jesus name.Amen.-Pst Bayo

God who created d world out of nothing has a history of accomplishing d impossible.He wl do d impossible once again in ur life in Jesus name.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

Faith gives us d assurance dat whatever lies before us is known 2 God and under His control.He knows what 2 do to keep us going and in line.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D Lord dat saw u thru d 1st month of d year wl see u thru 2 d end of d year.Fear not!Ur testimonies wl be ful dis year in Jesus name. Amen. -PstBayo Afolaranmi

Many things about tomorrow I dont seem to understand;but I know d Lord who holds tomorrow & dat He holds my hand. He wl surely take care of my future.- Pst Bayo

In our times of discouragement,lets remember dat God LOVES us and wants 2 lead us 2 a place of a renewed vision of Himself. Happy Valentine.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

This week I pray that God will direct your efforts like Davids sling. You will not miss your target in JESUS name. Amen. Have a great week.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

In d month of March, d Lord wl march u in2 excellent life wt Him in worship, achievement, breakthru, overflowing testimonies and grace in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

Past is Experience!Present is Experiment!Future is Expectation!Use ur Experience in ur Experiment 2 achieve ur Expectations.Ur expectation wl come 2pass-PstBayo

160309 - 180309
Our first reaction 2 any trouble or need should be 2 pray.God has all the answers, and He can and wl help when no one or nothing else can. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Wait patiently 4 God.He wl hear ur cry.He wl lift u out of despair pit,and set ur feet on a firm path.He wl give u a new song.Many wl hear and thank God wt u.

Some people may devote dis day 2 deception,but I wil devote it 2 praying 4 u dat dis month wil bring u more divine blesings,favor and progres.-PstBayoAfolaranmi

As Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem 2 announce His kingship, may u also ride victoriously into limelight in ur choosing career in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

D power of death couldnt hold Jesus from resurection.D power of d evil ones wont be able 2 hinder u from ur breakthru in life in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Fear not!U wont suffer shame.Dont fear disgrace.U wont be humiliated.Forget ur past shame.For d Lord wil extend ur boundaries on all sides(Isa54:3-4).-Pst Bayo

D LORD wl grant ur heart desire. He wl answer ur prayers. He wl bless u wt great blessings. His presence wl fill u wt joy in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Dis month shal be a month of new grace,new mercy,new hope,new favor,and new opportunity.May d merciful LORD make everything new 4 u in dis new month.-Pst Bayo

Are u in a position where all self-reliance is gone? As u turn 2 God and put ur hope in Him, u hav His reassuring promise dat u need nothing more. - Pst Bayo

Motherhood is a great self-sacrifice. God wil reward all ur sacrifices 2 ur husband, children and others.U wil live 2 reap d efforts of ur motherhood.- Pst Bayo

Whatever u are passing thru, be encouraged.U gain thru ur pain.Victory is born out of struggle.Hold on to Gods hand;He will bring u thru it!-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

As heated gold becomes ornaments and depleted stones become statue, so whatever d tide of times, u will come out a sparkling success in Jesus name. - Pst Bayo

Dis month,u wil xperience Gods wonder witout number,treasure witout measure,pleasure witout pressure &progress witout problem in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

When life sudenly changes & u are fighting just 2get thru another day,remember dat God is aware of what u are going thru &He stil has a plan 4 ur life.- PstBayo

May d Lord make u a godly & exemplary father dat wil always point his children 2 d heavenly Father in Jesus name.Amen. Happy Fathers Day. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

What are u passing thru?Are u so sick,so poor,so sad,so weak,or so what?Praise God!He still cares for u.Be full of thanksgiving in all circumstances.- Pst Bayo

God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will surely make a way for u in Jesus name. Amen. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

No matter ur situation in d 1st half of d year,u wil hav a better situation dis 2nd half of d year in Jesus name. U wil indeed glorify God. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Strive dat all you are, do and say give glory to the Lord always, and dat no act of yours cause shame or bring reproach upon His name. Hav a nice day! -Pst Bayo

Dont allow dificult events 2cancel d joy of knowing u are a child of God.Ur life wil be a miracle 2 all who watch u face d trials that come. -Pst BayoAfolaranmi

Obstacles in life are like logs in your path. By faith u can step over them or move them out of the way. No matter d obstacle, u wil glorify God IJN! - Pst Bayo

God wil bring u thru situations u think u wont survive.He wil make u comfortable in d most uncomfortable places, &give u peace in Jesus name.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

Dis month,things wil go well wit u, ur purpose wil be fulfiled &u wil hav much 2 be grateful for,because God wil bles u immensely in d month.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

May God give u d courage 2 address d things dat need change in ur life, and overcome those u are afraid 2 confront in Jesus name. Have a joyful week. - Pst Bayo

Whatever ur present situation,view it in d light of what God is teaching u about Himself &u wil come 2know Him in dimensions u hav never known Him b4. -Pst Bayo

D tougher d chalenge, d greater d testimony.There is no suces story or victory without d experience of overcoming chalenges. Ur testimony wil be ful. - Pst Bayo

Dis month, no matter how dry d land becomes, u wil remain fruitful and healthy.Ur life wil keep on producing joy ceaselessly in Jesus name. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

God will support u in every area of your life. He will perfect everything dat concerns u & u will have a fulfilled Destiny in Jesus name. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

140909 (and 011009)
Challenges are designed 2process u like fire purifies gold.Work thru d challenges 2bring out ur best as d negatives are cast off.U wil soon glorify God.-PstBayo

When all around u is going under, as God kept Noah &his loved ones safe &sound, &his possessions intact, He wil keep u afloat dis new month.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

in Jesus name.

Dont ever judge Gods love based on ur circumstances.Instead, evaluate ur circumstances from d perspective of Gods love. He wil daily renew d love 4 u. -Pst Bayo

B4 d end of dis year,d Lord wil grant u His enabling grace to do all things according 2 His purpose 4 u.Nothing wil be impossible unto u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

God is aware of what u are going thru & wil bring solutions 2 all ur difficulties b4 d end of dis year in Jesus name. Happy new month! - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

As I mark my birthday 2day, I pray dat ur prayers, hopes, desires, expectations, ambitions, & goals wil be fulfilled in ur life time. Amen.- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D promised Messiah was born at d fulness of time(Gal4:4).Gods promises 4 ur life wil also be fulfiled at their fulness of time in Jesus name.Merry Xmas!-PstBayo

God holds d future in His hands wit grace sufficient day by day.As we enter d new year, He wil gently lead u thru good or ill if u let Him hav His way.-Pst Bayo

How wil u fare in d storms of d New Year? No cause 4 alarm! If u are anchored in Jesus, u hav nothing 2 fear. He wil give u victory thruout d year. -Pst Bayo
Thanks 4 d prayer,moral &financial supports in dis SMS ministry last year.I need more especialy financial supports.I wil let know how 2 if u contact me.-PstBayo

Dis year, keep doing what is right and serve Christ each day, u need not fear what others think nor what the critics say. D Lord wil reward u greatly! -Pst Bayo

God wil give u d grace 2 reap joyfully all u dat hav sowed in tears 4 many years. D great things He promises wil be done in ur life now in Jesus name.- Pst Bayo

God is able 2 give u victory in ur current challenge as He was with those in times past. Take comfort in His promise dat He watches over u. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D Lord dat started dis year with u will bring u 2 its end with many divine blessings, favour, progress & successes. Welcome 2 d 2nd month! - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

God wil do something in ur life dat wil put laughter in ur mouth.Something dat people around u wil see &recognize as great thing,& celebrate wit u. - Pst Bayo

God wil go ahead of u dis week 2 make ur path a success. Those blocking ur way wil be removed so dat u can take ur rightful position in Jesus name. - Pst Bayo

In this month of March, march on to your divine blessings, victory, favour, progress and successes in Jesus name. Amen. Happy new month! - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

When ur enemies, & others around u thot it is all over 4 u,God  wil let His glory burst 4th in ur life, &let ur miracles catch them in a big surprise.-Pst Bayo

Dis week ur eye wil behold a new thing, ur hand wil reach ur blessing, ur mouth wil sing  a new song & ur feet wil take u 2 d promised land.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

When u refuse 2 worry, but choose 2 rest in d finished work of Christ, u wil see d manifestation of ur blessing. U wil see ur miracle! - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

250310 & 300310
When God takes something from ur grasp, He is not punishing u, but merely opening ur hands 2 receive something better.U will get dat better thing soon.-Pst Bayo

Thank God 4 His faithfulness in dis past 3months of 2010.He wil continue 2 glorify Himself in ur life as u enter d 2nd quarter of d year in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

Dis month, d Lord wil remove every stumbling block out of ur way, and prepare u for ur breakthroughs. Welcome 2 d 2nd quarter of d year.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

The Lord will grant you the wisdom to do your work and business more effectively, professionally and diligently in Jesus name. Amen. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D Lord wil give u d anointing &power 2 excel &progress in every area of life.He wil move ur life forward by His mighty hands in Jesus name. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

May d Lord who gives more than u could ever ask or think &make dis new week more than u could ever hope for.May u hav a new song 2 sing in Jesus name. -Pst Bayo

Dis week d Lord wont forsake u.He wont be far from u.He wil send u help from His throne & rescue u from all situations in Jesus name.Amen.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

May d month of May not be a waste in ur life. May it be a time of restoration & fulfilment 2 achieve greater things in Jesus name. Amen. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

No matter d situations & circumstances around u, they wil all work together 4 ur good according 2 Gods Word & His purpose 4 ur life in Jesus name. - Pst Bayo

As we celebrate Mothers Day 2day, may all d love u give 2 others as a mother come back 2 u wit special blessing from above.Hav a wonderful Mothers Day!-Pst Bayo

D Lord will be your strength in time of distress, a refuge in time of storm and your shadow from the heat of the enemy in Jesus name. Amen. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Dis week be anointed 4posibility &great suces on evry gud thing dat seems imposible in ur life.Achiev great suces in evry area of ur life in Jesus name.-PstBayo

D Lord will make a way 4 u in d midst of adversity and problems of life as He did 4 d Israelites at d Red Sea in Jesus name. Amen! - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D Lord wil be ur light &salvation dis June.U wil fear no evil.He is ur strength,dont be afraid of any circumstance.U are more than conqueror.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

As from 2day d Lord wil bless u where u live,ur family,d works of ur hands, & let there be increase in every area of ur life according to His Word.-Pst Bayo

Dis week, d Lord wil open d floodgates of heaven &pour down His blessings in abundance into ur life,business &ministry in Jesus name. Amen!- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

May d heavenly Father continue to enable you 2 be a responsible & exemplary father 2 your children in Jesus name. Amen. Happy Fathers Day. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

When all hope is lost & u dont know what to do or d next step 2take, d Lord wil give u His divine intervention in every area of ur life &show u d way.-Pst Bayo

D road may be rough,d race may be tough,d journey may be long,d destination may be unsure,but Gods grace wil surely see u thru in Jesus name.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

Welcome 2 d 2nd half of d year.Whatever happens in d 1st half of d year, d 2nd half wil be ful of testimonies of Gods goodness in ur life. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

On dis 7th day of d 7th month, d Lord wil perfect dat which concerns u;becaus His mercy endures forever He wont forsake u in Jesus name.Amen(Ps138:8). -Pst Bayo

I pray dat at ur very critical circumstances, divine help will readily come to ur rescue. U wil surely glorify God 4 it in Jesus name. Amen!- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

God wil give u divine direction 2 where He wants u 2 be in life so u can be in d right place at d right time,wit d right people,& doing d right thing. -Pst Bayo

This week, d Lord will empower u to overcome every situation that comes my way, every circumstance around me, and every problem of life. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

This month of August, you will receive august breakthroughs, promotion, achievement, and success from the almighty God in Jesus name. Amen!- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Whatever valley you are in today,dont be afraid.God is there with you strengthening and upholding you.U wil soon be out in Jesus name.Amen!- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D Lord wil let His new anointing &grace 2succeed in every area of ur life rest upon u,ur home,ur ministry & ur business in Jesus name.Amen!- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Dis week receiv good news that u hav been waiting for, good news dat wil make u forget ur pain &sorrow, good news dat wil change ur life 4ever 4 good.-Pst Bayo

D Lord wil release abundance in2 every area of ur life today,physicaly,financialy &spiritualy.U wil live d rest of ur days in plenty,lacking nothing.- Pst Bayo

No matter how hot d crisis,God is ready 2 intervene at d right moment.He is always standing by 2 provide a way 2 escape.It wil be sooner in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

Even when ur vision is blurred,ur thinking foggy,ur faith fleeting,& u look up &cant see God clearly, u wil feel His very presence wit u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

230910 (4 MTN numbers)
Hello. In order 2 reduce d cost of our interaction, I now hav an MTN line: 08163045450.U can now help my ministry with MTN recharge numbers.God bles U!-Pst Bayo

Dis week, u are marked 4 unusual favor,uncommon breakthrus, unbelievable miracles,unspeakable joy &sky-rocketing testimonies in Jesus name.- Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

Jubilee signifies freedom & celebration. As Nigeria celebrates its golden jubilee 2day, u wil hav many causes 2 celebrate ur own freedom in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

Today is 10/10/10. Figure 10 is d begining of figures wit 2 digits. Today wil mark d start of double portions of blessings & favor of God in ur life.- Pst Bayo

Dis week,u wil find favor,lovingkindness & mercy in Gods sight.He wil show u His glory & make u encounter Him in all ur endeavour in Jesus name. Amen.- Pst Bayo

The Lord of all comfort will continue to comfort you as you are coming out of this great loss. You will indeed testify to His goodness and blessings in your life, family and your endeavour in Jesus name. Amen. - Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

D devil may throw obstacles &evil circumstances at u,but God wil turn those evil schemes around 4 ur greater blessing because He is 4 u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

God wil arise dis month &let ur situation change 4 d better.He wil let miracle dat surpasses explanation manifest in ur life 2His name glory.-PstBayo Afolaranmi

No matter d situation u find urself,remember &appreciate all dat d Lord has done 4 u; &remember dat His faithfulness is from everlasting 2 everlasting.-Pst Bayo

God wil fulfil His original plan 4 ur life, not d plan of d enemy, not even what u want but His plan & purpose 4 ur life wil come 2 pass in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

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