Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mostly Undated SMS

As u proceed in dis year, d LORD wl proceed 2 fulfil His purpose in ur life. People wl see it & rejoice with u. U wl testify 2 dis soon. -Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

In dis month of Feb, d Lord wl work out His plans for ur life.His power wl save u.He wl glorify Himself in ur life.He won’t forsake u in Jesus’ name. -Pst Bayo

When d storm of life is blowing hard,understand dat it is not trying 2 knock u down but 2 teach u a lesson.U wl pass d lesson in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo Afolaranmi

As u march in2 d month of March, may u march in2 good, joyful, peaceful &excellent life wt God in worship, achievement, overflowing testimonies &grace.-Pst Bayo

May there b joy in evrything u do,happiness in ur eyes&laughter in ur voice,peace in ur mind&light in ur way.May al gud things com ur way in Jesus name.-PstBayo

D Lord dat saw u thru d 1st quarta of dis year wl continue 2 keep u.He wl continue 2 bles u &make His face shine on u.Welcome 2 d 2nd quarta of d year.-PstBayo

D Lord dat clothes d lilies & feed d birds wont pay less heed to u. Look up to Him with prayerful heart. He wil supply ur every need in Jesus name. - Pst Bayo

Dis month of May, may d LORD send u help,may He give u support! May He grant u ur heart's desire, &fulfil all ur plans! May He fulfil all ur petitions!-Pst Bayo

Mothers words are never fully forgotten, their touch leaves an indelible impression. D memory of their presence lasts a lifetime. Happy Mothers Day! -Pst Bayo
Lord, shape my life as only You can,guiding each day by Your loving plan;take what You need and give what You will;my life is Yours to use and to fill.-Pst Bayo

In dis month of June,because d Lord watches over u, u do not have 2 fear d dangers around u.He wl guard u & glorify Himself in ur life.Happy new month!-Pst Bayo

Ur life is a story.Each day u get 2 write a new page.So fill those pages wt responsibility 2 God,2 others,& 2 urself.If u do,in d end u wl not be disappointed.

An earthly father is d best image of d heavenly Father. How are u representing God in d lives of ur children?Be an exemplary father.Happy Fathers Day!-Pst Bayo

D Lord dat saw u thru d 1st half of d year wl continue 2keep u.He wl continue 2 bles u &richly give u all things 2 enjoy.Welcome 2 d 2nd half of d year.-PstBayo

D Lord will put u in d right location by His divine arrangement. He will sit you where you will be seen, heard & remembered 4 good in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

D Lord wl open d windows of heaven un2 u.He wl fill ur life wt pleasant things &bles u wt sanctified ideas dat can turn things around 4u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

May d Lord bless ur coming in &going out.May His mighty peace cover u everywhere dat life takes u &may u experience His joy &good health in Jesus name.-PstBayo

Dis month marks d end of ur struggles,ur pains,frustrations,ill-luck &disappointments.U wl live 2declare d glory of God 2people around u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

080808 sms
2day is 080808, so I pray God 2 Elev8 U,Frustr8 ur enemies,Xcav8 ur problems,Elimin8 ur worries,&Associ8U wt favour always so u jubil8 @ all time.Amen -Pst Bayo

God wl make u a mentor 2 ur mates.U wl never beg or serve ur coleagues.He wl intervene &meet all ur needs acording 2 His riches in glory in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

God wl do a new thing in ur life. It wl spring up now. Do you not perceive it? He wl make a way 4 u in d desert & streams in d wasteland in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

Thru out dis month,u wont pretend dat it is well, u wont say it as a slogan;people wont say it to console u.It shall really be well wt u in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo
Dis week, God wl renew ur strength.He wl make u mount up wt wings as eagles.He wl make u run &not be weary.He wl make u walk &not faint in Jesus name.-Pst Bayo

If d storm of life overwhelms u,climb up in2 ur heavenly Father's arms,feel d beat of His heart,&rest assured He is bigger than d storm u are facing. -Pst Bayo

Do not fear, 4 d Lord is wt u. Do not be dismayed, 4 He is ur God.He wl strengthen u &help you. He wl uphold u wt His righteous right hand (Isa41:10). -Pst Bayo

Dis month in ur life every valley wl be raised,every hill wl be made low;&d crooked wl be made straight.God’s glory wl be revealed,&everyone wl see it.-Pst Bayo

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